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ASP Health Clinical Trial Results for their Automated Sample Preparation System

ASP Health is proud to share our recently published manuscript based on the clinical study of our automated ROSE instrument at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Thanks to our collaborators at Mayo Clinic for making this possible! The article is published in the Journal of Thoracic Disease, titled, “Evaluation of automated sample preparation system for lymph node sampling.” https://lnkd.in/g5sKjnQJ

ASP Health worked with Dr. Janani Reisenauer, Thoracic Surgeon and Interventional Pulmonologist, as well as Dr. Charles Sturgis and Dr. Chris Hartley, Cytopathologists at Mayo Clinic to perform the study. Dr. Janani Reisenauer was the Principal Investigator. Other physicians from Interventional Pulmonology included Dr. Jennfier Duke who served as the lead author on the manuscript and Drs. Michael Reid, Morgan Bailey, and Ryan Kern.

The purpose of the study was to compare the feasibility and specimen quality of lymph node biopsies that were prepared using ASP Health’s ROSE system to the current standard of care manual slide preparation from a trained Cytotechnologist. The specimen slides were assessed by the Pathologists for cell quality, presence of debris, creation of monolayer, ease of diagnosis, etc. Results were positive, showing no statistical difference between the manual preparation from a trained Cytotechnologist and the automated ROSE system. However, the ASP system showed improved monolayer creation over the manual method.

The study results indicate that ASP Health’s automated ROSE system can be used to automatically prepare high-quality specimen slides in those clinical sites with limited Cytotechnology resources. It will help the Cytotechnologist to focus on patient care while leaving the time-consuming aspects of sample preparation to the automated system.

Future studies will focus on the utility of ASP Health’s ROSE system on other sample types (e.g., pancreas, thyroid, etc.), as well as the utilization of artificial intelligence to aid the Cytotechnologist and Cytopathologist in the automated classification of cells present on the specimen slides.