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ASP Health launches the Rose Prep™ system in Europe

ASP Health’s implementation team traveled to Europe to support the launch of the ROSE Prep™ system with their exclusive European distributor, MOSS s.p.a., based near Milan, Italy.

The first clinical site to trial the system was the San Raffaele Hospital based near Milan, Italy. It was chosen as the initial site thanks to encouragement from the world-renowned interventional pulmonologist, Dr. Stefano Gasparini.  Dr. Gasparini, often considered the pioneer of bronchoscopy in Europe, has performed more than 22,000 bronchoscopies during his lifetime and has more than 370 publications.

Dr. Stefano Gaspirini and his team, which included Pathologists and Thoracic Surgeons successfully tested the ROSE Prep™ system, over a two-day initial trial period and will continue to evaluate the system over the next 30 days. The pulmonary nurses and the physicians at the bronchoscopy unit were quickly trained in the operation of the ROSE Prep™ system. They found the system extremely easy and intuitive to use which is critical during busy bronchoscopy procedures.

The pathologists at the hospital felt that the automation of the deposit and stain processes would allow them to have fewer personnel in the bronchoscopy unit thereby allowing the valuable pathology resources to be used in other areas of the hospital.

In addition to working with San Raffaele Hospital and Dr. Gasparini, ASP Health and Moss traveled to Brescia, Italy to initiate a trial at the Spedali Civili di Brescia.

Dr. Michela Bezzi directs the Interventional Pulmonology department at Spedali Civili and is often associated with bringing cutting-edge technologies to the hospital in Brescia.  The ASP Health team first met Dr. Bezzi in 2022 and with enthusiasm laid out the need for commercializing the ROSE Prep™ system in Europe and in particular to the clinical sites in Italy that often lack pathology resources to perform ROSE. Hence most of the interventional pulmonologists perform the ROSE procedures on their own without the direct involvement of the pathology team.

ASP Health’s team and Moss Distribution successfully implemented the ROSE Prep™ system at Spedali Civili di Hospital and trained the interventional pulmonary team at Brescia.  The interventional pulmonologists, in particular, Dr. Mauro Navali – an associate of Dr. Bezzi at the Brescia Hospital, quickly learned how to use the ROSE Prep system on all their bronchoscopy procedures. The pulmonary team at the Brescia Hospital felt that the ROSE Prep system helped them to focus on the bronchoscopy procedure rather than having to take time off to manually prepare the specimen slides for Rapid On-site Evaluation.

After the successful implementation trial at San Rafaelle Hospital and Spedali Civili di in Brescia, the ASP Health and Moss team will expand the implementation of the ROSE Prep system to other centers in Italy and the rest of Europe.