About Us

ASP Health is a private medical device company focused on improving cancer survival rates by developing and commercializing innovative sample preparation technology to enhance and expand cancer diagnosis.

Our Story

Our purpose, the reason we come to work each day, is to save lives through the early identification of cancer.

A few years ago, in pursuit of this quest within the diagnostic field, our team recognized that better sample preparation would enable automated reading of slides at the nanoscale. We developed a proprietary method to create monolayer slides. We quickly learned that we had created a unique and highly valuable offering. Several external clinical experts provided us with our proverbial “A ha” moment: If we partner with the right organizations, we could develop an innovative technology platform that provides important clinical applications, particularly for the ROSE procedure and its use with FNA procedures in the confirmation of several types of cancer.

Based on this and other key insights gained through collaborations with cytotechnologists and cytopathologists nationwide, we spun off ASP Health as a company focused on the technology platform and its primary applications.

During this organizational transformation, we chose to partner with Planet Innovation, a world-class company known for creating breakthrough products and commercially successful businesses. Its expertise in the research, design, engineering, manufacture and marketing of new products is accelerating our product development and commercialization efforts.

Today, we are executing on our vision to help more people survive cancer.

Our Vision

All facilities that offer FNA procedures will efficiently perform rapid on-site evaluation (ROSE) and will provide enriched patient samples for further cancer diagnostic and therapeutic evaluation, leading to improved patient outcomes.

Our Mission

To improve cancer survival rates, we will enhance and expand cancer diagnosis through the development of:

  • an automated sample preparation system that will efficiently provide consistent, high-quality patient specimens for rapid on-site evaluation (ROSE);
  • a standardized specimen slide that will enable seamless integration with robotic microscopes and remote reading of samples;
  • enriched sample vials for further cytological and molecular evaluations; and
  • consistent, high-quality specimen slides will enable the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to automate the evaluation of samples and diagnosis of cancer.

Clinical Sites

We are collaborating with world-renowned institutions nationwide for our pilot rollout. Visit our Clinical Sites page for details.

Commercialization Strategy

Visit our technology platform page to read about our commercialization strategy.

Contact ASP Health

Please reach us at: 877-5ASPHEALTH (877-527-7432)