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ASP Health Successfully Exhibits in the AABIP Conference in Chicago

ASP Health Inc. had a successful demonstration of their ROSEPrepTM pro system at the American Association of Bronchoscopy and Interventional Pulmonology (AABIP) annual conference held in Chicago from August 24th through August 26th.

ASP Health’s ROSEPrepTM pro system is an innovative and fully automated sample deposition and staining system that is designed for Rapid On-Site Evaluation (ROSE) of Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) procedures that are frequently performed by Bronchoscopists and Interventional Pulmonologists.

Besides the introduction of ASP Health’s ROSE Prep™ Pro system, other notable highlights of the AABIP conference included the demonstration of clinical results from different robotic navigation bronchoscopy systems.  This includes those from Intuitive Surgical (ION), Johnson & Johnson (Monarch), and Noah Medical (Galaxy). Several of these studies demonstrated that, with these advancements, Bronchoscopists and Interventional Pulmonologists can better target the harder-to-reach lung lesions, which can dramatically improve patient care.

One issue the Pulmonologists at this conference identified was the increase in the overall procedure time while using these robotic systems to obtain specimens from these harder-to-reach lesions and therefore, their impact on Rapid On-Site Evaluation (ROSE). This increased wait time is the main hesitation or resistance of Cytology personnel from offering ROSE support. This was also the reason many Interventional Pulmonologists were quite excited about ASP Health’s ROSE Prep™ pro system.

The ROSE Prep™ pro system, in combination with a remote microscope, was seen to offer substantial benefits to both the Interventional Pulmonologists and Cytologists. For the IPs involved, the ROSE Prep™ pro system was found to offer an automated method of preparing specimen slides without having to wait for the cytologists to come to the procedure room. Similarly, the ROSE Prep™ pro system, in combination with remote microscopy or tele-cytology, enables the Cytologist to offer support for ROSE without having to be present directly in the Bronchoscopy suite.

The recently published paper from the Mayo Clinic comparing the performance of the ROSE Prep™ pro system with the manual sample preparation method further helped the Pulmonologists at this conference to better understand the system’s performance and its value during ROSE.

For ASP Health, the AABIP conference and the launch of the ROSE Prep™ pro system was a big success leading to significant interest and requests for follow-up demonstrations and trials of the new automated sample preparation system.