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Brian Smola, CT (ASCP)

Brian Smola, CT (ASCP)

Brian Smola, CT (ASCP)

Cytotechnologist Collaborator

Mr. Smola is the Lead Cytotechnologist at the University of Michigan Cytopathology Service. The program accessions approximately 26,000 gynecologic and 12,000 non-gynecologic specimens (including 3,200 fine-needle aspiration specimens) annually. Non-gynecologic specimens processed by the laboratory include fine-needle aspiration (FNA) specimens for palpable lesions and deep-seated lesions (e.g., endobronchial ultrasound-guided mediastinal/hilar lymph node FNAs, endoscopic ultrasound-guided pancreatic FNAs, computed tomography-guided FNAs, ultrasound-guided thyroid FNAs, etc.). Fine needle aspirations of palpable lesions are routinely performed both as scheduled procedures and on an emergent basis based on referrals from our clinical colleagues.

Mr. Smola has co-authored several peer-reviewed studies related to FNAs. Based on his expertise with this procedure, which is critically important to the short-term success for ASP Health, Mr. Smola is another valuable collaborator with his fellow advisors and our company.

Professional Experience

  • 23 years’ experience in both clinical and leadership responsibilities with over 3500 on-site FNAs.
  • Numerous CAP inspections and collaborations with multiple institutions that perform on-site FNAs
  • Extensive process improvement/QA for FNA procedures

Medical Training

  • MS, Clinical Lab Science, University of Michigan